Why can’t we see other Women’s Worth?

  Ladies! This is a very Important topic – and one that we often do not take the time to ponder. “ You are worth it”  – Worth what? “ You deserve more” – What does ‘more’ mean? “ You are enough” – Enough for what?

We are fighting the Wrong War!

We are fighting the Wrong War! If this article hits home for you – SHARE IT on your wall and to the women in your lives that need to be reminded of their worth. Enough of the division between women – the war is not between us, rather against us! We have tasted and wasted […]

Best Gift Ever: Follow Your Dreams

Best Gift Ever Follow Your Dreams I have always dreamt of changing the world, or at least, a portion of it. As a child, I was already convicted about having my own unique voice and mission, but that belief changed as I grew older and gained more “realistic” responsibilities. I became convinced that my dreams […]

What Defines A Successful Woman

What Defines A Successful Woman There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the definition of SUCCESS. We use this word so much, yet lack a clear image of its true meaning. Too often, our beliefs turn out to be false assumptions which have been planted and nurtured in our minds—mostly, by mass […]