We are fighting the Wrong War!

Enough of the division between women – the war is not between us, rather against us! We have tasted and wasted so much time and energy competing, criticizing, and fighting the wrong war.

Our battles against each other are simply distractions that hold us back from seeing the bigger war against us.  There is a massive war against women today!

The truth is that we are pinned against each other, and we have become victims of loneliness, depression, anxiety, suppression, anger, and resignation.  

We can no longer afford to be victims, we need to be the heroes for the next generation.

In America, we have arrived at a level of freedom that women a hundred years ago would have never dared to dream.  

So we have to honor our journey and honor the women who have suffered for our freedom.

So many men and women before us fought long and hard so women today could taste the privilege of freedom that most of them never lived to see.

Thank you to the women and men who have fought for the freedom we bask in today.  Thank you for your courage and for dreaming so bravely, even when the odds were against you!

We honor you today and every day. We are grateful for our freedom.

Let’s bring it back down to present reality.  

Do you believe you are free? Do you think women today are free?

The natural fruit of freedom is peace, joy, enthusiasm, courage, and collaboration.

However, our data tells us that women today are unhappy with who they are and they do not believe they are worthy of good.  

Between anxiety, depression, eating disorders, exhaustion, and the mental wars that women are suffering today, we can’t wholeheartedly say that we are free…and that is because we are not.

Having freedom does not equate to being free.  We possess external freedom but not the internal.

Our external conditions are robbing women of the true freedom that all women crave for, the freedom that comes from within….

Women today, have the freedom to vote, to choose, to speak, to buy, to work…..but somehow….we are more depressed, exhausted, in anxiety and we can’t seem to see the good within us.

That is not freedom, rather slavery.

It looks like living in a beautiful world, free to wonder, but in chains…that is the image I have of women today.

Therefore, we must continue our fight for freedom.

Just as the women before us fought for our external freedom….we must carry on the fight towards a new layer of freedom and that is internal freedom.

It is the freedom that is not determined by the external circumstances, rather, our internal disposition.

As we know, our external world is chaotic and harsh, so we cannot rely on the external conditions to give us the freedom we all secretly crave.

We must put our energy in understanding how we can achieve internal freedom and only then can we replace the external chaos of the outside world.  We must use our internal world to determine our external and not the other way around.

We are now fighting for new freedom, a freedom that the generation ahead of us truly deserves. We can’t continue to raise the next generation of women enslaved in the land of freedom.  

We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, our sisters, our friends, and to the future of humanity.

It is time to peel the layers of what is costing us our authentic freedom.

“We can’t escape a prison unless we know we are in one.” – Vernon Howard

So we must clarify the invisible prisons that are keeping us from tasting the sweet privilege of being free in a free world, and stop creating the unnecessary divisions that are wounding our friendships.

We must see that the war is not between us, rather, against us.

It is time to unveil the conditions of our self-worth that are costing us true freedom.

I have a bold vision to change the next generation of women towards TRUE FREEDOM, FREEDOM THAT COMES FROM WITHIN and no longer contingent on the external circumstances.

Follow my work as I unpack the layered crisis that women face today.

I believe in women and I believe we can change the future generation of women, one woman’s worth at a time…this is my personal mission.

I train women to neurologically rewire their worth, rebuild their skills so they can RECLAIM THEIR VALUE IN THE WORLD.  

We cannot give what we do not possess, we must first MASTER OUR WORTH, and only then can we inspire the world to reclaim their own value as a woman.

Remember….Our worth is objective, irreplaceable, and irrevocable.  It was divinely given and not earned therefore no man or woman can take it away…unless you give them the power to do so.

“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.” -Viktor E. Frankl

Share my work and join the thousands of women who are leading the charge in shifting the future generation of women.

We need YOU to lead the charge and become the light the world needs today.  

We need an army of women fighting to protect women’s worth.

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