Month: June 2019

Why can’t we see other Women’s Worth?


This is a very important topic – and one that we often do not take the time to ponder.

“ You are worth it”  – Worth what?

“ You deserve more” – What does ‘more’ mean?

“ You are enough” – Enough for what?

I Was Betrayed

The surest way to gain critics is to start braving a BIG dream. If you have critics, CONGRATULATIONS! It means you must be doing something brave. When you decide to ACT on a dream and DARE GREATLY, get ready, those critics will come out swinging and it is often those that are dearest to us that pack the toughest punch.

Hold Your Man Accountable

When I ask women, “Do you hold your man accountable?” The common response I get is, “ I don’t know, I am not really sure what you mean January”. The word, ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’ seems daunting to so many women. It was foreign for both Ryan and I until we decided to be intentional about our own growth. So …

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Get To Know Your Critics

“AWARENESS IS ALWAYS THE FIRST PRISON WE BREAK OURSELVES OUT OF” We have to get to know our critics so we can respond with grace and clarity. First, we all have to remember that everyone will have critics in their lifetime, no one gets a pass.  Not even the safest life is free of people …

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