You are intentional about influencing your family to become the best they can be.


1. I am at peace about my family origin because I have forgiven the people in my life that have hurt me. I have learned from my pain and use it as a compass to design a better future.

2. I protect myself from family members that are critical. I communicate my boundaries effectively without guilt or shame. I love my role as a mother, friend, sister, daughter and guide.

3. I serve my family out of abundance, not depletion. I am not anxious or stressed because I am intentional about filling my cup, I am whole.

4. I am present, attentive and intentional about creating meaningful connections. My spouse and children admire me. I am detached from my phone.

5. I am intentional about creating a growth environment as a mother. I am not critical. I honor failure and grow from it. My family is an example to our neighbors.

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