Our vision is to build an army of women committed to rebuilding culture, one woman’s worth at a time.

We believe it is our duty to raise women’s self worth for generations to come.

It begins with rebuilding our own self worth.


Strategist Opportunity Live Webinar

March 25, 2021 | 8:30PM EST



The  impact of a career that focuses on rebuilding the whole woman.


How The Woman School helps women develop their dreams, self image and contribution through programs led by Strategists.

The simple and practical tools to get started.You will hear testimonies of women who discovered their own legacy by  helping women become whole.


Join the army of strategists daring to dream of changing culture.


I believe our world needs every woman’s contribution. Our world needs the feminine genius to wake up, rise, and choose to blossom. I see women in our world as a field of wildflowers on the brink of blossoming; however, it can be easy to feel stuck as a bud unable to blossom. This training is a practical guide to get “unstuck.” The Woman School provides the skills and training to blossom each flower so we can contribute.  –Megan J.

“Six months ago, my husband noticed that I was cranky, unhappy and anxious. Six months later after taking the course, he said he noticed a remarkable change that I’m happier, more confident and becoming more ‘me.’

He said before, I was merely surviving. After six months, I am now thriving! My husband is a frugal man so I was surprised when he said The Woman School was worth the investment. His actual words were ‘It was worth every penny.’

Thank you for what you do! Blessings in your ministry and mission. Please pass along my sincere and heartfelt thanks to January, the Donovan family and the Woman School team!” – Sheila

What I realized when I said yes to becoming a strategist was that my yes was not about me, but rather the unique ripple effect it would cause. It is a privilege to serve women heart to heart and guide her along her unique journey to wholeness. You don’t have to look very hard to find a woman who is struggling, lacks confidence or is numbing her pain. This program gives the gift of freedom. Freedom to turn your wounds into a compass for your life and start living again – for we are called to thrive, not survive! – Meghan Elfelt

I am Woman

I am woman born with a divine mission.
My life is both a gift and a contribution.

Who I am matters.

My dreams matter because They lead me to my God given call.
I am unique and irreplaceable, worthy of all that is good and beautiful.

My worth is objective.

It is not subject to the beliefs and opinions of the people and culture.

My worth can never be broken, nor changed by the circumstances because it was divinely given.

I am not defined by my past nor am I a victim of my circumstances.

I take responsibility in creating beauty all around me, beginning with myself.
It is in my ordinary moments that I have the privilege to live extraordinarily.

I choose to grow.

I am intentionally cultivating my God given time and talent so I can contribute my highest self.
It is by becoming the woman I am called to be, that my call towards greatness is presented to me.

My contribution is in the art in which I live being a woman, It is the art of constantly pointing towards the divine.

This is my art, I AM WOMAN.