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Skills, Scripts and Strategies to
Design a Whole Version of You


Ready to learn the skills to pursue your life's call?

Women today seek meaningful work, great relationships, and the peace and joy that accompany a life lived to the full. However, most of us lack the skills required to become the version of ourselves that can create the life we envisage. The collateral damage is time: our talents remain under-developed and our vision for our life unfulfilled.

What if there was a place where you could be taught the skills to overcome your greatest roadblocks?

If you were to run a Google search for “skills” right now, what resources would you find?

There is an abundance of materials if you want to learn to change your car tire, remove gum from your child’s hair, or remove a stain from your favourite shirt. But if you want to live out your full potential: nothing.

Skill School by The Woman School was created to bridge that gap. We know from experience the overwhelm, burnout, and resentment that come from falling short of what you know you have been created for and so we designed a strategic course to give you the skills to overcome the roadblocks in your life.

Life without skills is an uphill battle that leaves us feeling frustrated and stuck. Skill School teaches you the specific skills that you need to move from designing your ideal life to executing it. As you gain mastery over the 12 key skills that we have identified, you will also learn a proven framework for developing new skills that you can apply for the rest of your life.

Design A Whole New Version of Yourself in the Next 6 Months

Skills open doors to possibilities

Lack of skill is the reason life becomes hard

Skills are critical to making important life decisions

Skills shape your present and future options

Skills allow your to think clearly and protect your peace of mind

Skills allow you to pursue your dreams and calling

Skills help you build meaningful connections

Skills prevent you from frustration, resentment, and self sabotage

Are you a Past or Current ABWMC Student?

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What is Premium Membership?

The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass is intentionally designed to evolve with the woman for all stages and seasons of her journey. The training is intended to be applied and refined continually, rather than a course to be consumed once.

We're excited to introduce a highly requested Skill-focused course for all premium access members. The Skill School Premium Bonus Package is the complementary companion to your growth beyond your first ABW Masterclass experience. These deep dive skill trainings are indispensable guides to polish the skills or parts of the arena that require the most attention.

Applied learning, continual growth, and humility are all prerequisites to lasting freedom and sustainable transformation.

What's Included as a Premium Member?

Unlimited access to the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass — VALUE: $4997 Includes all updates, added bonus training, and the entire ABWMC 2.0 at no extra charge

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Skill School can also be purchased as a standalone course.

What's Included in the Skill School Program?

** Live Coaching Sessions with January are available for a
LIMITED TIME ONLY during the live class launch***

Qualify for these Bonuses if you sign up before 9/16/21!

Access to the Couples Dream Template. Use this template to intentionally design a life of meaning and contribution with your spouse, and clearly identify goals and the actions necessary to get there. (VALUE: $97)

Access to Shaping Your Child's Future Success Course. In this course, you will learn the valuable lessons that transformed the homes of so many families, including the Donovans. By intentionally raising children who are strong, growth-minded, intentional, and skill conscious you are equipping them to be happier and more confident adults. (VALUE: $697)

Access to The Ultimate Script Book for Women. This collection of essential scripts will be your go-to guide for the times you feel competition or comparison strikes. (VALUE: $97)

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Skill Training Schedule

Oct. 5 — Clarify Your Dreams and Goals

Oct.19 — Managing Overwhelm

Nov. 2 — Making Decisions

Nov. 16 — Overcoming Inaction

Nov. 30 — Managing Critics

Dec. 14 — Diffusing Drama

Jan. 4 — Managing Fear

Jan. 18 — Going against the Norm

Feb. 1 — Riding Discomfort

Feb. 15 — Collaborating with Different Personalities

Mar. 1 — Negotiating with Grit and Grace

Mar. 15 — Freedom from Comparison

Skills Give Women Choices

When a woman is skilled, doors of opportunities open.
People want to hire you, you will have options.
People can trust you. They will speak you praises.
You will be confident and you will no longer be a victim of other people's opinion.
You don't have to prove yourself anymore.
Motherhood and work life balance doesn't have to be a constant struggle.
You can pursue your dreams and overcome your fears.
You will learn how to manage your mind and emotion to avoid a lifelong battle with stress and anxiety.

Skills allow you to design your future and your present moments.

Skills will give you the tools you need to be intentional about the life you want to design; a life of meaning and contribution, because that is what we deeply want as women.