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You compromise your worth, allowing others to make you feel small—and you want to help women avoid the same track.
You want to dream bigger, but you are afraid or you don’t even know where to begin. You think your goals are impossible
You have a lot of friends who are in pain because they do not value themselves. You wish you could help, and empower them to dream—but don’t know how.
You believe your life has a purpose, but don’t exactly know how to crystalize it. You are stuck in a limbo, and want to break out of it by discovering what you have been designed to do.
You want to build a business, yet you doubt if you’re adequate enough because you have no idea how to. However, you would push through with it if someone were to guide you.
You never really dreamt of financial freedom because it seems unachievable. However, you it would be amazing to not have to worry about money.
You don’t like where you are now, or who you are becoming. You want so much more in life but you don’t know how to get there.
You have had a sad upbringing which has cost you a lot of heartaches and you want to want to break free from your past. You want to become more resilient and strong.
You are tired of playing it small, and you want to build a legacy and design your future relationships, your home, your career, your family life - and you just want someone to guide you.
You are open to learning and growing - and you are coachable. You want to inspire other women to live an abundant life. You think that helping women discover their worth is rewarding work. You are open to being a Self-Worth Coach.