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JANUARY 23, 2020 at 8:30 PM EST

You can’t sustainably give from an empty cup.

Eventually your cup runs dry and it looks a lot like exhaustion, anger, chaos, anxiety and stress.

Somehow, we have accepted depletion as a norm for moms.

There is nothing normal about living half of our life being in survival mode, that is a quick recipe to resentment and guilt.

Something needs to shift.

I want to invite you to a different path.

I want to show you that motherhood is not the death of dreams, rather the expansion.

I want to show you that motherhood is meant to be peaceful, not chaotic.

I want to show you the skills necessary to manage your mind, your home, your children and yourself.

I want to show you how to receive life so you can give more life to the people you love.

It doesn’t matter what we achieve outside of our homes when we feel depleted when we come home.

I also believe that our dreams don’t have to suffer because of all the stress that comes from managing our home life.

We need a fresh way to look at motherhood.

I want to share with you an integrated way to be a Mom.

You can defy the norm of chaos and break this vicious cycle.


I want to show you what no one else is really teaching….THE SKILLS and THE MINDSET OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MOTHER IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

My name is January Donovan. I am a mom of 7 and founder of THE WOMAN SCHOOL.

I am on a mission to elevate the story of mothers and I need you to rewrite your story.

I believe we have the most important job in the world so let’s make sure we prepare our mind, our body and our spirit to be fit for a job that no one else can replace.

Let’s get practical.

Join me in this Free Live Webinar as we begin the journey of breaking the odds.

JANUARY 23, 2020 at 8:30 PM EST

Slots are limited, this is going to fill up quickly so sign up right away.
Be there or be square 🙂

Do your best to attend live – I promise it will be well worth your time!

When you stay until the end, I will show you how to get our “HOW TO SHAPE YOUR CHILD’S SUCCESS” class FOR FREE ($497 VALUE).

In the event you can’t attend – still register – so we can send you a recording of the training.

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You feel guilty and empty at the same time.

You had all these great hopes of how you wanted to be as a mother but the reality is that you are exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious.

It is hard to be present to your children because your day feels chaotic and stressful. Your cup is empty.

Everybody needs you, but no one is concerned about your needs.

When you are giving from an empty cup, your children and your relationships will eventually suffer.

You can stop this vicious cycle.

Join me in this LIVE WEBINAR.

I will show you the PRACTICAL SKILLS you need to REFUEL YOUR CUP.

Seats are limited. Please show up on time.

January 23rd, 2020 –