Design Your
Legacy Webinar

Subject:  Is it too late to dream?

We are going to do a free, live webinar on How to Design your Legacy.

This webinar is for those who are 40 years +, mothers of children out of the home, grandmothers, aunts, and retired women.

Why is this an important topic?

Too many women assume that they are too old to dream. I’ll debunk this lie and show you how.

I’ll show you how to use your time and talent in your current season.

The brutal truth is that we all leave a legacy, but not everyone chooses what legacy they want to leave.

I’m personally inviting you, along with women who you think would benefit from this training webinar. We have to fight this generational war against women; we need every generation on board to fight this mission. To imagine a generational collaboration is truly exciting for me!

Share the invite and join this mission of rebuilding culture, one woman’s worth at a time.

Until then….see you at the LIVE WEBINAR


With gratitude,