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Learn How to Gain Confidence In Yourself, Gain Confidence In the Timing of Your Journey, and How to Look at Women as Examples Without Becoming Envious or Feeling Badly About Where You Are Right Now.

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5 days of powerful training on how to break free from comparison and competition with January Donovan and Lisa Canning

5 beautiful worksheets to help you process the content

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This is for you if:

Do you want a step by step guide on how to stop comparison and competition?

Do you want inspiration and motivation?

Do you want practical exercises to help you move forward?

Meet your teachers:

January Donovan

January Donovan is the founder of The Woman School, and has trained thousands of women to live by design and not by default. She is fierce in helping women discover and achieve the desires of their heart.

“Women are told that only parts of us matter; we are conditioned to value achievement in one arena (usually success outside our homes) as though this was more important than other arenas. ” Her desire is that women live a more integrated lifestyle that leads to sustained generosity.

January’s vision is to rebuild culture, one woman’s worth at a time by healing women through wholeness.

Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning is a mom of 8, and author of The Possibility Mom: How to Pursue Your Dreams While Being a Great Mom at the Same Time. As a Strategist in The Woman School, Lisa has a passion for helping women identify what is blocking them from pursuing their dreams, and giving them the skills to pursue them without guilt.

Lisa has been featured on The Today Show, The NY Times, Hallmark Home and Family, and for years worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes on HGTV.

January and Lisa have been featured in:

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Do you want a step by step guide on how to stop comparison and competition?

Do you want inspiration, motivation and accountability?

Do you want to do this alongside women who want to grow and learn?


This free challenge is designed for women who desire to grow. If you desire to appreciate the qualities in other women that you feel like you lack and seek for yourself, this challenge is for you!

This challenge is NOT for women who want to hold on to past habits and are unwilling to grow.

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This free challenge will take place from Monday June 28 – Friday July 2 everyday at 12PM EDT. A replay will be made available in the FB Group if you cannot join in live! The group will be archived shortly after the challenge takes place.

Yes! Come in anytime during the week of June 28-July 2. The training videos will be posted daily so you can always catch up!

Freedom from the
Cage of Comparison



Free yourself from the prison of needing to

At the core of comparison is an injustice to our self worth and feels like a debilitating mental cage.

You can put an end to this injustice against women.

If you are single, get a head start.
If you are married, give yourself this gift of freedom.
If you are a mother, give this gift of freedom to your children.

I believe we can heal the brokenness that is permeating our culture.

It begins with you and each one of us.

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