Terms and Condition

The CLIENT(s) agrees to the following:

1. In order to get maximum results, please listen to the lesson training assigned to each mastermind meeting.

2. The CLIENT will have up to 8 months (7 months +up to 30 days bonus access prior to class launch) total access to the ABW Masterclass portal (unless upgraded to “Premium” access).

3. Be sincere and do the internal work. Recognize that the coaching sessions are a confidential way to look at what you really want, your purpose, your journey, and in order to get to where we want, we need to know our starting point.

4. Make a commitment to completing all of your assignments and action plans you create. Devote an additional hour of weekly study time. What you put into this work will determine how quickly you will see the transformation in your life.

5. Coaching and program fees are collected before beginning the coaching/facilitation program. There are no refunds for the masterclass. All funds will be deemed earned upon activation and access to the program for the CLIENT.

6. If selecting a payment plan: The CLIENT agrees to complete all payments. Any failed payment issues need to be fixed within 48 hours. Otherwise, this will result in loss of access to the group and masterclass portal.

7. You agree that you will not make any Program materials available to the general public or any third party for sale, distribution, download, replication, translation, copying, file sharing or otherwise unless authorized in writing by Greatness Journey LLC and/or it’s members.

8. You further agree that you will not translate any Program materials into any language other than the language to which it was provided to you without express written consent from Greatness Journey LLC and/or it’s members. Any violation of this may result in revocation of your access to the program materials.

9. No sharing of your login credentials are allowed. (Exception: same household, non-working, under age 18).

10. The CLIENT understands that coaching is not advice; psychotherapy or counseling and those professional referrals will be given if needed.

11. The CLIENT enters into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.

12. All sales are final.

By checking the terms and conditions box the CLIENT agrees to these terms indicates compliance with the above requests and understanding of the services provided.

As a “Limited” member, you also qualify for our Woman School “Referral Partner Program” (Level 1) at no extra cost with a separate signed agreement. You can also upgrade to our “Premium” membership at any time and qualify as an “Affiliate” (Level 2). If interested please email your Strategist or thewomanschool@januarydonovan.com for more details.

**Greatness Journey LLC, The Woman School and/or it’s members are not psychologists or psychiatrists. Content provided is for self-development purposes and does not take the place of professional advice. No liability is assumed for losses or damages resulting from the clients personal application. You are accountable for your own actions and choices. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding this disclaimer.**