We train women to create massive impact not by what they do,

but who they become. We believe that our state of being has

the capacity to transform humanity and shift its course forever.

Our goal is a a total transformation which leads women to inner freedom.


We equip women to expand their dream, and empower them to be

disciplined about their own growth. It is our right and our duty as

women to evolve into our elevated self, not for our sake alone,

but for the sake of impacting lives.


Our skill-based programs are concrete and practical; it applies

to both our personal and professional lives.

There is no authentic confidence without self-competence.

It is in the mastery of our mind and body that we achieve

unshakable confidence.

Women have an objective divine worth that is not subjective to

everyone else’s opinion of her, including her opinion of herself.

To truly protect our value as women, we must first become aware of who we are and

who we were created to be. We are all born  with a message and it is our

responsibility to cultivate WHO we need to BECOME in order to

GIVE BIRTH to the message that is inside of us. 

When women are equipped, they are empowered to become an

unstoppable FORCE for truth, beauty and goodness.

We believe that being a woman is our greatest art.

“Our self-worth is a journey of acceptance, it is leaning into who we are created to be in order to serve humanity.”  
~ January Donovan 


1. Women need to manage their minds in order to manage their life.You can’t change your life, without changing your thoughts. Your  thoughts are powerful, they either expand you, or suffocate your possibilities. 

2. Women can’t change what happened in the past but they can use their past to design a new future. We are not a victim to our stories, we have the right to create a new one. 

3. Women can’t expand their dreams unless they are expanding who they  need to become in order to achieve their dreams.  Our dreams should  inspire us to grow. 

4. Women’s emotions determine their behaviors, they are either a slave of their emotions or the master of it. 

5. Who we are NOW is a direct result of our subconscious programming. If your beliefs are holding you back, you can reprogram it. 

6. Women need to keep learning and unlearning, growth is essential for happiness. 

7. A woman’s confidence is determined by her competence. Competence  is an evolution of skill mastery. 

8. Women cannot achieve true peace and abundance unless they eliminatecompetition and judgement. 

9. Every woman was born with a message and it is her duty to give life  to the message that is inside of her. 

10. A woman can create impact with every encounter, if she knows HOW.

You are your greatest storyteller,

you can change the world

through your story.

~ January Donovan

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