You have fulfilling relationships that keep getting better. You inspire those in your life to grow.


1. RELATIONSHIP: My partner makes me feel important in spite of my imperfections. We have a mutual admiration for each other.

SINGLE: I believe I deserve to have a partner that makes me feel important in spite of my imperfections. I do not have to prove that I am important, I know I am.

2. RELATIONSHIP: I do not doubt his commitment to me. He is a man of integrity and I trust him completely.

SINGLE: I deserve to be with a man who is 100% committed to me. I do not compromise what I deserve because I know my worth.

3. RELATIONSHIP: Our relationship is thriving, we are dreaming and growing together. We stay united no matter the circumstance.

SINGLE: I believe in finding a partner that is willing to dream and grow together. Someone who is willing to work on becoming his best self. It is possible to have a relationship that gets better every year.

4. RELATIONSHIP: Our relationship inspires other couples. We do not rely on each other to be whole, we seek our own personal growth that allow us to pour into each other. Our love keeps getting better because we are getting better.

SINGLE: I am happy and complete as I am. My wholeness is not dependent on another person, I am whole as I am.

5. RELATIONSHIP: He encourages me to pursue my dreams and genuinely believes in me. He brings me peace and fulfillment.

SINGLE: I believe in finding a man who will encourage and help me pursue my dreams. I deserve someone who believes in me in spite of my own doubts and failures.

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