You have peace of mind because you have more than enough to give back.


1. I have more than enough money to support my dreams and the dreams of the people I love. I provide opportunities for families and friends because I have more than enough money to be generous.

2. I have an abundant supply of money that allows me the freedom to spend time with the most important people in my life. I can take time off work anytime to be present to my family.

3. I never worry or stress about money because I know how to make enough money to support my peace of mind. I always have extra every month and a cushion of savings. I have more than enough to take vacations that help unify my family and create time for leisure.

4. I value money as an instrument to create massive impact in people's lives. I am generous with both my time and my money. I support causes that matter to me.

5. I am constantly investing my time and money in educational programs that help me grow to become the best version of myself. I invest in a coach that helps me achieve my life’s contribution faster.

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