Your environment and the people you surround yourself cultivate your creativity and peace.


1. I live in my dream home. It is my place of peace and comfort. It is clean, orderly, clutter-free and beautiful. It is refreshing to my soul.

2. I am organized. I am efficient in cleaning and managing my home. My external environment is an overflow of my internal peace.

3. I am efficient and strategic about where I invest my energy. I do not waste time with social media, my phone or mindless activities that distract me from being present to my work and the people in my life. I prioritize only activities that are aligned with my current goals. I am disciplined.

4. I am in a toxic-free environment (home and work). I am fierce about protecting my internal peace. I draw a firm boundary around people who are negative, ungrateful, anxious and perpetually stressed.

5. I am consistent in my morning and evening routine. I am calm and peaceful. My presence brings joy.

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