You love your work, it gives you meaning and purpose.


1. I do not conform to other people’s definition of success. I have defined my own vision for success and I believe I am successful in all parts of the arena of my life. I am fulfilled.

2. I am not afraid to dream big even if it makes me feel uncomfortable. I am disciplined and committed to maximizing my God given potential. I believe I am called to greatness.

3. My work fulfills me inside, and outside my home. I love what I do, and who I am becoming because it is aligned with my God given purpose. I feel alive and inspired.

4. I am strategic about managing my activities. I value time and honor my priorities. I do not make excuses and I am resourceful and solution oriented.

5. I love life. I have worked diligently to design a life of joy and contribution. I do not place limits on what is possible because I believe we are called to create the impossible.

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