It is time you enjoy the dating process, we will show you ‘HOW’.

We will clarify why dating is harder today and give language to the struggle.

This webinar will give you the peace of mind you need to keep holding on to what you deserve as a woman.

We will break down:

• What every single woman wants in a man and in a relationship.
• The biggest obstacle to finding the right man and a step by step process to overcome it.
• A simple plan every single woman should apply to avoid anxiety while waiting.
• The mindset shift necessary in order to attract the best man for you.
• The skills you need to find the right person and never settle for second best.

Being single is not meant to be hard. It is intended to be a time of preparation, adventure, and fulfillment.

You just weren’t shown how.

Don’t miss this LIVE WEBINAR.

We will give you practical tools you can apply right away.

For those that show up and stay to the end - I will give you a template on “WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A MAN.” So you are clear and not vague about what you deserve.

Share this with the single ladies in your life.

It is going to be a fun webinar.

Seats are limited. Please show up early to guarantee a spot.

For those that can't make it be sure to check your email from january@januarydonovan.com (add to safe sender list)

See you there!


MARCH 26th, 2020
8:30 PM EST​



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